Good People is good for business.

At Good People, we see a diverse future that runs on empathy—where innovative tools and a human-centered philosophy improve our daily experiences. With every new product, training, or program, we’re building a new frontier for tomorrow that starts with a better life today.

What we do

Employees are the key to success. Good People Solutions helps businesses create a culture where employees thrive. We provide virtual-reality training, management consulting, and targeted coaching focused on getting the good—the best—out of your people.

who we are

Good People is a diverse collective of experienced professionals with a dedicated focus on improving the culture in companies. We are game developers who believe teaching empathy can be done in a more engaging way. We are social workers who want to bring effective and trauma-sensitive training to a larger group. We are data-driven consultants who want to work with you to develop new norms and build a healthy workplace culture for your employees and clients.

We bring to the table a deep understanding of best practices for a healthy business and the belief that best can always be better.