Employees are the key to success. Good People Solutions helps businesses create a culture where employees thrive. We provide virtual reality training, management consulting and targeted coaching all focused on getting the good...the best...out of your people. 

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We are a Learning Software Company that specializes in using Virtual Reality in our courses.

We have courses we have developed ourselves including:

  • Corporate Learning Courses 

  • Workplace Culture Courses

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Anti-Sexual Harassment

  • Workplace Violence Prevention

But we can also take anyone’s existing learning course works and convert it so it works within the Virtual Reality medium.




Your brand, your products & services, your customers – they are as important to us as they are to you. 

Maybe you hit a plateau that you need fresh eyes to help break you through.
Maybe your team developed a great idea and you just want a bit more assistance to speed it's way to market. 
Maybe your audience growth is stagnant and you need help boosting their excitement.

Whatever the issue, we can help.

We have decades of experience assimilating into new and established teams, quickly learning their systems and making recommendations to achieve fast gains - whether it’s in productivity and processes or morale and work-life.

We have access to proven programs for leadership and team development that you can offer to your management teams to help them grow professionally.  Developing your internal human capital is the BEST way to ensure success - we can help you come up with a plan to do just that.


High quality hires take experience and a good eye to find and proper on-boarding, ongoing training and management to retain. We have a proven track record of hiring and retaining fantastic people, who therefore offer fantastic service. 

Is authenticity your trademark? We will find a team that cares deeply about your product so that shines through.  

Is safety or compliance imperative? We will work to understand all the points that your brands and the services associated to them need to be following best practices.

We can work with you to determine the characteristics you need for your specific brand's needs, and then help you develop the materials needed for hiring, training and retaining them.

The employee journey STARTS when they are hired; recognizing and respecting that goes so far with their job performance and happiness.


We can help you find the development and service teams you need for short term or less defined expansion projects.

  • Have a defined project goal but just don't have the team to execute quickly? 

  • Are you expanding into a new market and your not confident in staffing levels to hire more long term staff?

  • Don’t have enough volume to justify adding a staff member?

  • Need an App or 3D Model made for a project but have NO IDEA where to start with that?

Hiring a quality team does not mean your budget needs to be weighed down.  Productivity and efficiency are best ways to improve your bottom line, not hiring lower wage workers.  By outsourcing strategically, you can get higher service levels with higher quality staff, trained on how to deliver to your company’s goals.

Outsourcing should help your costs through efficiency, not by compromising on quality.

We thoroughly vet, train and performance check constantly to make sure they are not only delivering on our service promises, but they are happy while they are doing it.